About Scott Shannon

An Experienced Freelancer

Scott Shannon has been freelancing for the past ten years in all of the categories that you see in the menus on this page. His work experience over the past decades have included such job titles as Graphic Designer, Teacher, Webmaster, Corporate Presenter, and Internet Writer. He is also a published writer with thirteen books for sale on Amazon. Also for sale on Amazon are his textile designs for throw pillows and shower curtains, as well as about 150 T-Shirt designs, and twenty-three albums of music that he composed and recorded since 2005.

Scott is happy to work behind the scenes, receiving no public credit for his work, but he won’t refuse public credit if offered.

He holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and spent the last fifteen years of his career working as a therapist for children, families, and individuals.

Scott retired to the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina in 2001 after the death of his wife of thirty years. He shares his home with his disabled son and four “pound puppies” rescued through the past twelve years.


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